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Welcome to The Diaper Lady!

I am a former mainstream parent who fell into cloth diapering on accident. Once that happened, the door to a whole new world was opened! Decisions that I once let doctors make for my baby became very different, from vaccinating, to making our own baby food, and even SIDS prevention measures I learned about on the internet. What I've learned is that natural parenting is about doing what's best for our babies, rather than doing what everyone else is doing.

Red Fuzzi BunzMy introduction into natural parenting was through cloth diapering groups, which I joined to learn more about cloth diapers. It didn't take long to realize that Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers were the hot thing on the market. Before long, I had both my 2 month old and 21 month old in Fuzzi Bunz diapers full time. I had already practiced many attachment parenting techniques such as baby wearing, co-sleeping, and breastfeeding- though I didn't know they were called "attachment parenting."Breastfeeding toddler

A few months later, I learned about the BabeSafe mattress cover, which was perfect timing, because my daughter was approaching 6 months and I was tired of fearing "the worst!" This product has had a 100% successful SIDS prevention track record for 10 years (now 19!)- surely it would work for us, too!

Soon after, I learned about the danger of chemicals in personal care and cleaning products, and I switched over to natural baby care, and even started making our own cleaning products!

When my focus began changing from cloth diapers to other health related products, I started Eve's Best. I now have many other websites and blogs relevant to sharing what I feel is the common sense approach to daily living. Enjoy your visit and let us know if you need anything!

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