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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

SIDS Prevention

Hearing the words "SIDS" and "prevention" together in the same sentence is such a bizarre thing for some, and offensive to others. But if you are a new mom, or a "mom to be" for the first time, you want to know everything you can about SIDS prevention. You want to unlock the mystery of this dreaded phenomenon and figure out how YOU can sleep well at night knowing that your baby is safe.

For decades, a movement called "mattress wrapping" has taken place. While the discovery of the need of mattress wrapping was accidental, history has shown it to be a very successful practice for SIDS (crib death) prevention. As a matter of fact, it has proven 100% successful. For the whole story, please visit  Prevent SIDS.

Also, please read my article, "10 Steps to Healthy Living for Babies." It is my personal belief that babies who die from crib death were more susceptible to the toxic gases from the mattresses because they were already overexposed to a number of chemicals that could be in your home right now. (This is also supported by one of my favorite books, The Infant Survival Guide- Protecting Your Baby from the Dangers of Crib Death, Vaccines, and Other Environmental Hazards.) A very well written article that you MUST read is "Has the Cause of Crib Death Been Found?" by Jane Sheppard. This is an article you will want to share with others!

Also, check out The Relationship of Crib Mattresses and Crib Death by Denton Davis, MD.
If you need more evidence, read the book The Cot Death Cover-up? by TJ Sprott.

SIDS prevention information is ALL over the internet, and I know that it is hard to decide whom to trust. Most sites will tell you that SIDS prevention is not possible; that you can reduce the risks, but can not prevent it from happening. Famous baby doctors will insist that SIDS prevention is just a myth- that we will always have to live with this fear until the baby is over a year when we can move on to other parental fears. This is just not true. I feel strongly that in the next 10 years, SIDS prevention- true PREVENTION will be known by every mainstream doctor and every parent with new babies. Many times new information comes out and everybody dismisses it; then slowly people accept it and before you know it, it becomes mainstream. And people can't remember when it seemed so odd. That is what is going to happen with the toxic gas theory for crib death and SIDS prevention methods.

Let me explain what's going on in the "SIDS industry" that you can probably understand. If you visit the sites of most SIDS organizations, you will find a place where they will gladly accept your money for SIDS "research." Some of this money will go into actual research (which is wasted money according to the toxic gas theory for crib death), but a lot of it will go into administrative costs, and into annual meetings, where everyone has to meet at a posh (read: expensive) hotel to discuss SIDS prevention and sigh that there is nothing new they have learned. This will go on year after year, and SIDS prevention will never come to light, because that would overturn the entire industry. (read: people would be out of jobs)

Dr. Jim Sprott has spent many years educating people about the toxic gas theory and true crib death prevention. More importantly, not one baby has died sleeping on a BabeSafe mattress, or mattress wrapped with a BabeSafe mattress cover. If you examine the evidence, I feel it is clear whom you should trust when it comes to SIDS prevention advice. It's not about the money, it's about the results. And if something is working, it needs to be spread from coast to coast.

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