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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Vaccine Information

We have moved our vaccine information to Eve's Best, but we feel it is important enough to mention here as well. When we become parents, one of the biggest decisions we face is whether to vaccinate or not. Unfortunately, many of us put our blind faith into doctors who tell us not only that it's necessary, but that the benefits of mass vaccinations far out weigh the risks. According to whom?

Many "pro vaxers" have simply not done their research, or if they have, it is one-sided, or their trust is put in people who make statements that they don't go verify. Words coming out of someone's mouth does not make them true, just as words on paper (or on your screen) don't make them true! I know that there are people like this, because I was once one of them. I thought that people who didn't vaccinate were crazy, tree-hugging hippies that lived in the woods. Then, a very intelligent forensic scientist made a statement to me about not allowing my children to get vaccines with thimerosal in them. That is when I did my true research and found the information that is really easy to find, if you really want to find the TRUTH. Doing research does not mean only finding information that supports your "truth." It also means finding the other side's "truth" and finding the real truth from there.

Whether or not you vaccinate does not affect me or my family in any way. But we urge you to read the information and decide for yourself what is best for your family and your baby. Do not let the doctor tell you that if people stop vaccinating, we are putting everyone at risk. Either vaccinations work, or they don't, and if you do the research you will see how murky the truth becomes!

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