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BabeSafe Mattress Cover


BabeSafe Mattress CoverGrowing in popularity due to their effectiveness, BabeSafe Mattress Covers are slowly becoming a staple for every family expecting a baby. Since the discovery of the toxic gas theory in 1988, parents are learning that "Back to Sleep" isn't always enough, and if you have a baby who WON'T sleep on her back...well, you have many sleepless nights. Dr. TJ Sprott's BabeSafe mattress cover is the answer that many parents concerned about SIDS prevention are looking for.

Made from a certain thickness polyethylene sheeting, the covers enclose baby mattresses, preventing the toxic nerve gases from permeating into the baby's breathing space. Read more about the toxic gas theory. The covers have been used successfully for over 19 years with absolutely NO crib deaths! No other SIDS prevention method has proven to be 100% effective.

We hope to spread the word about BabeSafe mattress covers and we hope you do, too. Since orthodox SIDS researchers continue to ignore the success of the product, it is up to parents to tell each other about this very important SIDS prevention device.

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