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Pocket Diapers


bumGenius one size pocket diaperPocket diapers are the newest type of diaper on the market. Generally, but not always, the diaper is made with a fleece lining and a waterproof  polyurethane laminate (PUL) outer. All edges are sewn together, except for an opening in the back, which is where the "pocket" comes from. Inside the pocket you can put anything from prefolds to custom made inserts to microfiber towels. You can even put a kitchen towel in it if you get desperate!

 When the diaper is soiled, you simply remove the insert and put both pieces in your pail. A clean pocket diaper and insert must be used each time. In a pinch, however, I have been known to lay a towel inside a "wet" pocket diaper and it worked just fine. The benefit of fleece, or other polyester fabric such as microsuede, is that because these fabrics don't hold onto wetness, the baby's urine flows through the lining and is absorbed by the insert inside the pocket. It pulls wetness away from baby's bottom like a disposable diaper (but without the gel!)  Because the diaper can be disassembled for washing, some are even making cotton pocket diapers because they dry faster, and some prefer natural fabrics like cotton.


  • They come in lots of styles, so you are sure to find one that fits your baby well.

  • You can adjust the absorbency for your baby by using extra inserts for heavy wetters, or fewer for light wetters.

  • They are very adjustable, and are available in one size options as well. 

  • They hold in poop and pee very well as long as you have a good fit.

  • The pocket diaper is a great choice for dads, babysitters, and day care workers who want a one step diapering process.


  • They are the more costly choice. Custom designed diapers are the most expensive on the market, but as a basic diaper, pocket diapers are generally at the top of the list.
  • It is more difficult to tell if a baby is wet in a fleece lined diaper. Other caregivers will not know your baby needs changing unless they take the time to notice how a wet insert feels (sort of a heavy feeling).

  • Some choices do not hold up well. Avoid diapers with a cotton PUL outer if you plan on using your diapers for another baby. These are usually the cute prints (some prints are not cotton- make sure you ask). Cotton PUL pocket diapers will fall apart much, much faster than those made from synthetic fabrics. Cotton also wicks, so even though the waterproofing is laminated onto the cotton, wetness will find its way around the front of the diaper and wet baby's clothes in the process. Cotton PUL diapers are better for daytime use for this reason. Nighttime diapers get more saturated, and they are more likely to wick the wetter they get; daytime diapers are typically changed before they get this wet. 

Fuzzi Bunz, the first pocket diaper on the market, was once known as a nighttime diaper, but people quickly realized that they make a great full time diaper. The microfiber inserts are a favorite for many pocket diaper users because of the high absorbency rate while keeping the diaper trim as well. Others prefer hemp inserts, or a combination of microfiber and hemp. While hemp is a natural product, the hemp inserts don't hold up as well as the microfiber inserts.

Purchase Fuzzi Bunz and other pocket diapers from Nurtured Family

Compliments of Simple Wonders Diapers, here is a chart that should help you compare 3 different pocket diaper styles:

Happy Heinys


Happy Heinys comes in THE cutest prints! A huge assortment of colors too. These are great for beginners or caregivers because they are SO user friendly! Legs and waist are gusseted to contain leaks. These also have laundering tabs so the velcro does not stick to other things in the wash. Very quick drying time!

May not contain messes for newborns quite as well as fitted diapers. Some people don't like using the aplix (ie. velcro).

15.95 with a free diaper insert
Microfleece inner with waterproof outer layer
People LOVE these diapers, including myself! They come in the cutest prints! I prefer the hemp stuffins to the microfiber inserts, but both work well. They are easy to stuff and easy to get on and off a highly mobile baby.
Fuzzi Bunz
Probably the most popular style.  The multitude of snap settings help to ensure a great fit every time.  Leg openings are gusseted to contain leaks. Very quick drying time and lots of very cute colors to choose from!
If you have wiggly one on the diaper table, you might have some problems in the beginning getting the right fit. Once you know which settings fit, this is a snap :) A little more expensive than other diapers.
17.95 with a free diaper insert
Microfleece inner with waterproof outer layer
I personally use a lot of these on my daughter! My customers love the colors, fit and trimness. Very customizable in terms of absorbency.
A one-size diaper able to fit babies from 8 to 35 pounds. Huge advantage is that you only have to buy these for birth through potty training! These are highly adjustable both in width and length.
For a good fit, these need to be stuffed with a a cotton babies insert or other thin insert. Some people have a hard time stuffing the insert into the diaper.
17.95 with a free diaper insert
Stretchy tabs with hook and loop
Suedecloth or microfleece inner fabric and 100% nylon outer fabric
I was really skeptical about these actually being a one size diaper. But sure enough, they work well for me and others on all different sizes of babies!

A little bit about our baby cloth diapers and Simple Wonders:

I have used cloth diapers on kids I have taken care of all my life. However, these had all been prefolds with pins and plastic covers until I had my daughter. I remember the exact moment when the cloth diapering world changed for me! A woman in my playgroup asked me what type of cloth diapers I used on my daughter. I looked at her like she was crazy and I replied, "the cloth type!" She very nicely explained to me that there were all types of new styles of cloth diapers out there and showed me some of her Fuzzi Bunz. After that, I searched the internet for weeks looking for all the advantages and disadvantages of the different varieties of cloth diapers and tried out so many of them I couldn't keep track anymore! After quite a bit of experimentation, I discovered the ones that truly worked best for me and for my friends. After putting so much time, energy and love into researching cloth diapers I knew I wanted to start a cloth diapering business to share the knowledge I had gained and help others find the perfect diapering systems for their little ones. Simple Wonders was born!

Sultana Jefts, Owner of Simple Wonders Diapers

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